Old Minecraft World

This is the old original world, as it existed on beta 1.2 and 1.3 in early 2011. The 1.2 download is the last backup taken before we upgraded, and the 1.3 download is the most recent backup available. It's not much newer than the 1.2 backup, so we must not have run it on 1.3 for very long. I'm not aware of any major building or terrain differences between the two, but that doesn't mean they dont exist. The 1.2 download is available in case something is missing in the 1.3 file.
It looks like these were run on craftbukkit and the tefo plugin. All of the old plugin files and configurations are included. Beds were introduced around b1.3, but I wasn't able to find any in the 1.3 world. The underground railroad was built before booster tracks, so it uses the old side-by-side minecart bug/feature. If you upgrade the world to a more recent version (beta 1.6), the railroad will stop functioning as-is.

old_beta 1.2
old_beta 1.3